No one likes a tattletale!

tattle-tale: One who constantly reports the wrong-doings of others to an authority. A nark. 

Yesterday, I was out and about with a special little guy of mine. While we were enjoying our time at the library, I noticed how busy it was and how many little kids were there, just sitting and reading, and some were playing. It was an awesome site!

I noticed a sweet family come in and return a whole bunch of books, and as the father talked to the librarian, he sent his two little ones off to pick out new books and to “go play.”

This family made me smile… but it didn’t last long. 

Because the library was busy, there were children of all ages everywhere. And time after time, I noticed the same little girl, who couldn’t have been older then three or four, run back and forth to her father, and tattle on some poor soul for doing probably absolutely nothing of consequence. 

By the fourth or fifth time (I lost count), me and another mom had our eye rolling pattern down to a science. The father, who was still talking to the librarian, completely brushed his little princess off to the side, and ignored her. I was starting to get annoyed, and so were the other children in the same vicinity as this little girl. 

Then she came my way.  

She reached for a toy without even asking if she could share or play with it, and the child sitting near me, let out a loud NO, and hoarded the toys as far away from her as he could. And of course the little girl went off to tattle to her father, who was now sitting in a soft chair near us. 

I gave him a look. I gave him one of those “seriously dude?!” looks, that kind of says it all in one glance, and he said nothing. By now, mothers and sitters started removing their children from the area because they were so sick of this little girl’s antics. And STILL, the father said nothing. So I looked at my little friend and said, “sometimes it’s nice to share, and sometimes you don’t have to, but remember… we are all friends here. 

I highly doubt the father got the message, but then again, nobody likes a tattletale!  


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