It’s World Autism Day!

Hello everyone. Today is April 2 and it’s also World Autism Day. I hope you are all wearing blue, and are helping to spread autism awareness. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I will be “Lighting it up BLUE ” all month long. I also mentioned that I will be posting one fact about autism a day and posting pictures of people lighting it up! Pictures are pouring in of people (I’m so excited!!) and I hope they don’t stop. So please send me your pictures and I will post them on this blog every day of the month of April. Remember, we are spreading awareness, so keep the pictures clean. 😉

Here we go.

FACT: Autism spectrum disorders are not degenerative. Children and adults with autism should continuously improve. They are most likely to improve with specialized, individualized services and opportunities for supported inclusion. If they are not improving, make changes in service delivery.


My fabulous friend J, and Willy’s best girl E are all lit up! 


Emily looks just like a princess today. 

Thanks for the pictures friends, and keep them coming! Till tomorrow…

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