Day 20 of light it up BLUE 

We’ve talked about famous people with ASD, but what about athletes? Our children need role models that they can look up to and relate to. Well, I found One!  

 FACT: Clay Marzo professional surfer has Aspergers. His mom once said that “The only thing I knew was that Clay was happy in the water and struggled for air out of it…” she said that school was always a problem and that home schooling was worse. The water was where he was always at ease. “Only problem was that Clay couldn’t exactly handle the pressure and demands of sponsors, large crowds and the circus that surrounds surf contests in the way other athletes can normally cope or thrive. As a mom, I was faced with serious challenges, namely what would I do if “they” – the sponsors – found out about Clay’s quirks and challenges surrounding public demands in surfing? I was constantly trying to cover up why Clay was not making eye contact or shaking the right person’s hand. If he did not like you, it was pretty obvious and even with our family Clay was distant and uncomfortable…”

Clay has learned to handle the press, sponsors, and so on, and he is officially my new hero!!  

Light it up BLUE, dude! 🏄 LIGHT. IT. UP!

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