Day 29 of Light it up BLUE 

 It looks like our “light it up BLUE” campaign for the month of April was a total and complete success. Thank you so much for reading and participating. Here is the last “fact” of the month with pictures, and again, thank you for reading, commenting, and reblogging/posting. 

 Next week we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program. 😉

FACT: There is overlap between behaviors seen in children with OCD and the ritualized/repetitive behaviors commonly observed in children with ASD. Children with ASD may perform repetitive or ritualistic behaviors, such as ordering, arranging, counting, or touching/tapping.  However, children with ASD are not likely to think (“obsess”) about their rituals and are more likely to simply act upon their urges.  

CHEESE! There, I said it. Can I go back to watching my show now? Thanks, doll. Call me. We’ll do lunch. 

 … no caption needed.   

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