Fun-Fact Friday

For giggles and ha ha’s, I was Googling  fun facts, and I came upon this one. 

Our average attention span is now 8 seconds – 1 second less than a goldfish. 

So of course I was intrigued so I kept reading…

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. This is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish. That’s right, goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds – 1 second more than you and I.

While you were reading this, did you reach for your phone? Were you thinking about something else while you’re reading this? Did you suddenly realize that you left the gas on or did you realize that you have something better to do right now? Huh? Huh? Huh???

Well I can assure you that you’re not alone. 

So in the spirit of having a low attention span, let’s just call it what it is, shall we? It’s all about… hold on one second. My phone is ringing. 

Now, where were we? 


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