Laughter is the best medicine 

I’ve always said one thing is for sure about my little boy: he has the greatest sense of humor! Why? Because Jason and I are goofy people, and if you’re not having fun… what’s the point? 

About a month ago at Willy’s IEP meeting, his entire team applauded Jason and I for raising a child with a great sense of humor. They noticed from the beginning that Willy loves to be silly, and share his silliness with others. They also noted that he loves to laugh, and that his laughter is contagious because it comes from the heart. I remember my reaction when they first said that in his meeting. It was something along the lines of, “well… yeah. Where a family that loves each other, and we’re a family that laughes together.”

But lately Willy has taken his sense of humor to a whole other level. For the past couple of years Willy has been scripting lines from movies and TV shows, but I don’t think that he realized what he was saying until now. A few weeks ago he was watching the movie “Monsters Inc.,” and something funny happened, and he started laughing uncontrollably. He thought that it was so funny in fact, that he ran to get me so he could tell me about it. 

Ummmm, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And shortly after that, he would imitate a character named Roz, who  speaks like she smokes eight packs a day, and talks in a monotone voice. It’s hilarious to hear Willy imitate her with a spot-on facial expression and monotone voice. 

This also happened with the movie “Finding Nemo” a few months prior. He would choose one of the best one-liners and do his very best impression of that character! It was incredible!!

So I started to useing impressions outside of the movies “Monsters Inc.” And “Finding Nemo.” If I needed my son to do something, I would say (in Roz’s or Cruch’s voice) “Willy, it’s time to clean up and go to school.” Or “can you please bring your plate to the counter? Or something like that. He would just look at me and laugh and do exactly what I asked them to do. He would then tell me that I’m being silly and scamper off to go play. 

I love my little boy’s laugh. You can tell that his whole heart is in it, and that it’s genuine. I feel like it comes from a deep place within him that starts in his toes and moves up to his belly. And before long his whole body is shaking with laughter. It’s absolutely stunning to watch. 

Truth: When Willy was diagnosed a few years ago, the doctor told us that our son’s sense of humor would most likely be very dry or be nonexistent, because children on the spectrum don’t usually understand humor. I challenged him in his office over that one, because nobody takes away my hope! NOBODY!!!!! I have high expectations for my child, and if you tell me that my son won’t be able to do something, I can assure you that he can and he will! 

And here we are!

To me, laughter is the very best medicine there is. And besides it being contagious, it makes you feel good inside. Laughter makes you feel things that only laughter can, and again my friends, if you’re not having fun… what’s the friggen point? I mean, you’re even burning calories for heaven sake! 😉

Happy Monday everyone. Let’s make it a great day, and try to have a good, hardy, laugh if you can. It will really make your day. 

 Roz from Monsters Inc. wants to know where your paperwork is?

5 thoughts on “Laughter is the best medicine 

  1. Reblogged this on Teachezwell Blog and commented:
    Gotta love this post. It reminds us that our kids are not limited by early dire predictions, especially those pronounced over autistic kids. There’s a lot more than laughter in this post. Notice how this insightful mom uses her son’s interests both to engage him and help him accomplish meaningful tasks. She is a warrior for her boy!

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