Our newest family member 

  I know it’s hard to see, but there are nine puppies in this picture. 

On Monday morning, Willy, my mom, and I, went to visit with a very special friend. Her name is Jillian, and she is in charge of a nonprofit organization called APAW (American Poodles At Work). She’s the one that introduced Willy to his new service dog.  

 The point of our visit, was to Watch Willy and see how he interacted with each of the puppies, in hopes that he would bond with one of them. And sure enough… he did! He bonded with a little puppy with the sweetest, most relaxed, personality. He didn’t care for the active ones, because they had a little too much personality for my boy. 

But as Willy held his new friend, I watched as they stared each other. Both of them seemed very calm and relaxed. The puppy fell asleep in Willy’s lap and Willy almost fell asleep in my lap. That’s how relaxed both of them were. At the end of our visit we had a very good feeling about our newest family member. 

We’ve decided to name him Everest. 

The bond that Willy and Everest made is very strong. They will be with each other always and help each other through thick and thin. I’m so excited to see him again, and continue to watch my boy and his shadow learn and grow together. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

9 thoughts on “Our newest family member 

  1. What a beautiful photo. This post made me remember the day we found our Rosie and it made me tear a little. The bond between a boy and his dog is a little bit of magic. An unconditional friend for life is a really special experience. I am so happy for your family and your +one. ❤

  2. My husband does not like dogs. I do and my kids do. We are wearing him down. I hope to get one in the coming year. So nice to see your son and his new puppy. He looks so happy.

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