The end of the school year blues

If your kids aren’t out of school yet for the summer, they will be soon. And if you ask them what they did at school today, they’ll  probably say something like “…nothing” or “not much.” And their probably 100% correct. They did absolutely nothing at school today. 

As a former teacher, the last few days of school are riddled with movies, coloring, hanging out and doing nothing, and a whole lot more of… well, nothing. Right around this time, teachers are beyond burnt out. Their classrooms are hot, they’re itching for the last day of school to come, and they’ve just about had it with the kids and their shenanigans. 

(Side note) I love the word shenanigans. 

I can attest to that, but it’s important  to remember to keep that balance of doing nothing and doing something at the same time. Kids need balance. They can’t survive on an entire day filled with movies and coloring alone. I know my son can’t. 

I got a call from Willy’s teacher yesterday. She couldn’t understand why he was so moody, agitated, and irritable all day yesterday. So I asked her three important questions that were a no-brainer. 1.) I asked her if her classroom was overly hot. She said it was because their window air conditioner wasn’t working. So I asked her if she had a fan to help cool the classroom. She said there wasn’t a fan. 

Fabulous! Just fabulous!!

My son is very temperature sensitive. If he’s overly hot or cold, his actions will speak louder than words. EditEditI assured her that he was probably overly warm, and that if she could find a fan, it might help his mood. DUH!

2.) Next, I asked her if Willy ate his lunch. I waited while she looked in his lunch box. “Not really” she said over the phone in a sing-songy voice. When Willy doesn’t eat, he becomes a bear! He literally growels when asked to do something, and his bad mood will only escalate from there. I asked her if it is possible for him to eat some of the snack in the classroom. She agreed, and it seemed to help.  

Palm to forehead slap!!!

3.) Lastly, I asked if he was busy in the classroom doing work She said “not really. The kids are done, so we’re just letting them relax and kick back a little.” Their watching movies and doing art projects (A whole lot of nothing.)

I nearly hit the roof over that one! I said, “so there’s no structure at all?” I asked her. “well there’s structure, but we’re just spreading it throughout the day.” It took everything in my power to not jump through the phone and smack her upside the head. 

Well no wonder my son was in a horrible mood! He was hot, hungry, and bored. A lethal combination if you ask me. So I had a talk with my son when he got home at the end of the day yesterday. We talked about what to do when we’re feeling hot. I reminded him how to ask his teacher for a snack when he’s hungry, and I also told him that he doesn’t have to watch the movie that his class is watching. He can play a game, read a book, do a craft, etc. 

He had a much better day today, thank goodness, and his teacher had a much more structured day in her classroom. I got a wonderful report saying that he shared his toys, did a nice job passing out classroom materials, walked to speech like a champ, etc. I’m definitely glad that his day turned around, but I’m also glad that his teacher stepped it up a little. I know that it’s hard at the end of the year, and wanting to do nothing seems better and doing something, but kids rely on structure to help them get through their day. They need that routine! Especially when they’re in school that prides themselves on structure. Right? Right!  



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