“…Mommy, Momny, LOOK!”

Editors note: this post is not directed at anyone in particular. It’s just a reminder to be thankful for what you have. Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean. 

3 years ago

Willy and I are enjoying a leisurely afternoon at the pool. He is peddling around in his little floatie, and humming to himself. I say to him, “what a great day for a swim.” He ignores me. A little while later I said to him, “are you all done or do you want more?” He yawns, but doesn’t answer me, so I assume that he’s tired and all done swimming. I begin to get him out of the water when he throws a massive tantrum; screaming, flailing, crying, etc. 

… Okay… maybe he wasn’t done swimming?

So I ask him again, do you want more or are you all done (i’m using baby sign while I’m asking him this)? He continues to tantrum, so I just take them out of the water. 

I remember feeling frustrated for him because I just didn’t know what he wanted. 

At this point in my mommyhood experience, all my friends children were developing typically, and were saying things like: “look at me!” Or “watch me jump!” Or “I have to go potty.” Or “I’m cold.” You know… typical things that a 3 1/2 year-old/almost 4 year old child would say when they are at the pool or the beach. 

Kids in general want to show off for you! They want to show you what they can do and what they know. Why? Because they can! 

Willy never really said any of those things, and I remember wishing that I would hear his little voice… wishing that I could hear him say “look at me, mommy!” Or something along those lines, as he jumped off the side of the pool or ran through wave. It broke my heart because I wondered if he would ever be able to say those things. 

Flash forward to yesterday 


“I did see baby, and I am so proud of you!” Willy was swimming without his floaty, and putting his head in the water at the same time. I was not only proud of his good swimming, but the fact that he was able to tell me in his own words what he was doing, and not a scripting. 

Willy’s vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds! Every day something wonderful comes out of his mouth, and lately it’s questions that he’s asking. This is every parents dream… to hear their child express themselves verbally and be able to be understood at the same time. I know that it can be annoying and exhausting times; to hear them talk incessantly when all you want is some peace and quiet, but take it as a compliment. 

Your child wants your attention. 

They want to show off for you and only you. So, the next time your at the pool or beach, and your child is constantly vying for your attention, give it to them! Because most likely, there’s someone close by watching, and wishing that their child could be just like yours. 

This attitude readjustment is brought to you by many years of pain, and now a lot of success! 


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