@$$hole parenting 

I saw this link on Tumbler last week called “asshole parents” and I thought it was one of the funniest things that I’ve ever seen! Have you seen or heard of it? Basically, it’s parents taking pictures of their kids looking sad or upset while their tantruming, simply because the parents wouldn’t let their kids do something that they wanted to do. The captions are just as hysterical as the pictures. So, if you’ve ever stopped your child from running with a lollipop in their mouth, or suggested that they eat an apple rather than a cookie right before dinner, then you too, might be an asshhole! 

Here are a few from my own picture library. And I fully expect you to join in on the fun as well. Don’t forget to put the best caption you can underneath it. Ready? Here we go. 

  … because you took me to see Thomas the Tank Engine, and he didn’t “puff down the tracks” fast enough. I’m such an asshole! 
 You put me in the stroller when I wanted to walk. HOW DARE YOU! Asshole parenting at its best.  

 … you wouldn’t let me watch tv, because it was bath time. So, I’m just sit gonna sit here and flip you off with my eyes. Yep, I’m an asshole.  

… because you wouldn’t let me go swimming at the beach, because it was time to go home. I’m just gonna hold up your plans by falling asleep on the floor… just for effect. My mom’s an asshole! 

 You wouldn’t let me put paint in my mouth, so I’m just going to stare at you, and slowly let my eyes well up with tears. I’m an asshole.  

 … BUSTED! Please mom, don’t tell my best girl E that I’m holding another girl’s hand. Please? Yeah!!!!! I’m an asshole!

Now it’s your turn. Upload your best asshole parenting moment, and put a caption under it stating why. It’ll be fun and liberating for you. I promise. You can also see more at http://www.assholeparents.com

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