Life’s little adjustments

Change is a good thing. But for some… it can be down right scary. Change means uncertainty, distortion, transformation, development, reconstruction, and variety. 

How does “change” make you feel?

Does it make you feel discombobulated? Challenged? Inconvenienced? Diverse?

Take a moment and think about some major changes that have come into your life over the past few months. Did you feel prepared? Did you see it coming? Did it make you feel confident? Numb? 

All of these are valid feelings. 

But the real question is, did you have support to get you through; emotional, financial, biblical? 

Well, here’s a secret for you. Your not alone. You are NEVER alone. Going through something alone, radical or not, doesn’t make you a hero. Having support to get you through something completely different and new, makes you human. Change doesn’t always feel good for everyone, but sometimes, having something or someone there for you who knows how you feel will make all the difference in the world. 

Have a great day everyone.  


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