My Boy vs. Siri 

My little boy is a funny guy. But when he does something that he’s incredibly proud of, he wants to tell everyone! Sometimes he likes to tell his Grandma and Grampy. Sometimes he likes to tell his friends, like his best girl E. And every now and then, he likes to tell Siri. 

Siri always has something funny to say, but I think it’s the advice that Siri has to offer, that gets my boy giggling. Let me give you an example: The other night, right before bed, Willy peed and pooped in the potty. He does this every night, but on this particular evening, he felt the need to tell someone. 

He wanted to tell Siri. 

“Okay” I said, “but remember to speak clearly so Siri can understand you.”

“Ok” he said. 

Well, this is what Siri had to say about his “good news.”           HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! 

The moral of this story is, Siri can ALWAYS one-up you in the story department. 

Have a great day everyone. 😝😆

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