An excellent article for you!

Hi there. I just found this excellent article that I thought you might like. This one actually left me smiling and not crying for a change, so you know it has to be good. I am fully aware that it came from FOXNews (not my favorite news station when it comes to accuracy and originality) but this one is a good one. 

I promise. 

This article gave me hope that my sons future is bright, and so is the future of your children, clients, students, grand children, nieces and nephew’s, brothers and sisters, and ones that we hold dearly in our hearts. 


4 thoughts on “An excellent article for you!

  1. Hi Jill!
    We absolutely LOVE your blog!! We just spent our entire computer tech class reading your posts! You and your family rock and your son is absolutely adorable! Keep posting because we love to read what you have to say (especially about you know who)!
    Cheyenne and Larissa from your Child Development class

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