Cheap Thrill Friday: Here’s Your Sign! A true story

In case your not familiar with Bill Engval, he’s one of my favorite standup comedians of all time. He takes southern humor to a whole new level, if you ask me. But one of my favorite parts of his routine, is his love for “stupid people.” He takes the obvious and turns it around so it’s all on you. Here’s a clip from Bill Engvall’s comedy routine “Here’s Your Sign” I ask you to watch this first before you keep reading so you’ll know where I’m going with my cheap thrill of a story… that actually happened this morning!

Funny huh? I love this guy! 

So anyway, I went to the pet store this morning to buy more dog food for Everest, and as I was browsing, I see out of the corner of my eye, a small woman trying to pick up a very large bag of dog food. She accidentally dropped it on the floor as she was trying to put it in her cart. The side of bag split open, and food flies everywhere! I immediately rushed over to help her, and without thinking, I say “you dropped the bag?” And without missing a beat, she said “Nope! I just wanted to count and see exactly how many pieces of kibble was in this bag!” She then cocked head to the side, and gave me a look. 


Oh God!

I just stared at her. I felt so badly. I apologized immediately for the stupid statement that I had made, and then she apologized to me for snapping. We gave each other a high-five and then two pet store employees came over with dust pans and brooms to clean up the mess. 

I totally deserved my “here’s your sign moment,” but then again, it wouldn’t be a “cheap thrill Friday” without a cheap thrill. Right? TGIF my friends.  


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