“Shut the front door!”

Have you ever heard the expression “shut the front door?” It’s an alternative to saying the phrase “shut up.” 

I heard it for the first time a few years ago. I was having a conversation with one of my friends, and whatever it was that I was saying, she found it shocking. Her mouth was gaping, and since we were around children, she said “shut the front door” instead of saying “shut up.” I just stared at her and laughed. 

Well… Willy dropped his first SU bomb last night. And it was in front of friends too, so that made it even worse! Jason and I try really hard to curb what we say in front of him at all times, and I know that it’s a very typical kid thing to say, but the embarrassment that I felt, was almost too much. 

Someone once asked me what to do in situations, kind of like the one I found myself in last night. I told him to ignore their child’s behavior. And they just looked at me and said, “WHAT??? why?” And I told them that the more attention that they draw to it, the more their child will want to do it. It’s almost like ignoring the school bully; if you ignore them, eventually they’ll leave you alone because it’s not fun for them anymore. 

So I ignored Willy’s slip up, however, I did tell him that “if you want to say something, you could say excuse me, or put your hand up.” He looked at me all confused, and said “OK” and then said it again a few minutes later. 

… I’m finding myself in uncharted territory here. My son is starting to show more and more signs of typical six year old behavior, and part of me should feel relieved. But I don’t. I’m feeling nervous because he doesn’t know where to draw the line, and it’s up to me to teach him. But this also begs the question, is cursing and saying bad words so common, that kindergartners are picking it up? Did he hear it from someone at school? Did me or my husband slip up and not even realize that we set it in front of him? 

I’m sure in a few years we can all laugh about this, because the phrase “shut up” will be replaced by more meaningful phrases like “you’re the best mom in the world!” Or, “I really do despise broccoli.” Or “mom, stop dressing me like I go to prep school.” See? Those I can handle.


But in the meantime, I guess I’m just going to have to really watch what I say and try to ignore the bad and praise the good. Maybe I should teach him to say “shut the front door!”  Hahaha. 

But I am going to say this. For those of you that have a child/children on the spectrum, and whose language delays are fairly significant, it most likely doesn’t matter what your child says, because the fact that they appropriately used a word or a sets of words, just makes you want to jump for joy. 

Am I right? Yeah. I thought so. 

But for the moment, for me, it doesn’t matter what my son said or how he said it, because he has come such a long way, and now I can officially lay a foundation for him to learn and grow off of… and I am PSYCHED! Bring it on, baby! BRING. IT. ON!


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