Cheap Thrill Friday: a letter and an elf photo

Dear Au Pair that I hardly know,

Hi. We haven’t officially met yet, and even though I’ve seen you around, you desperately look like you need to talk. But first, let’s take a deep breath together. 

Breathe in. 

Breathe out.

… Again. 

Breathe in. 

Breathe out. 

Feel better? Good. Now, let’s dish. 

Every time I see you, I can’t help but notice how nervous you appear to be. The little girl that is in your charge, is exactly what she is. A little girl. She’s not made of glass, and she won’t break if you give her a chance to move and play. 

But you don’t. 

You’re on top of her every chance you get, and you don’t give her a chance to explore on her own. You overuse her name constantly, that’s why she’s ignoring you, and not letting her play with other children, is unfair to both you and her. Especially her. 

But on the other hand, I remember when my son was 2 1/2. He was a holy terror! He was impulsive, running everywhere, and quite curious about other children and what they were up to. It looks like your little girl (your charge) is following in my son’s footsteps; not that that’s a bad thing. But at the same time, you need to keep a watchful eye on her at all times, because she is impulsive. 

Rumor has it, that your employer isn’t very nice to you, and is constantly reprimanding you in front of others. In my mind, that is unacceptable, no matter what country you’re in! I can’t imagine what goes through your mind while that’s happening to you. It’s insulting, embarrassing, and uncalled for. So I guess it makes sense, why you’re on top of your charge, the way that you are. I get why your so nervous all of the time. But seriously, being treated unfairly, is not OK. And your nervousness rubs off on those that are around you; especially your charge. Try to breathe. Just try. 

Oh, and one more thing. I think you should know, that it’s not nice of you to yell at other peoples children in front of their parents, caregivers, or therapies. I’ve seen you get nasty with a few people, and it’s not necessary. They’re all kinds of children out there with all kinds of abilities and disabilities. Some are verbal, and some are not. Some children use their hands to express how they’re feeling; like your charge, and some can’t hear you, simply because they have hearing loss. So please keep that in mind before you start upsetting those around you. It might make a world of a difference. 

Try to remember to breathe. Please breathe in and out. Nobody’s perfect… and some children are still trying to learn about self control and self regulation; like your charge. Ok? So if I ever see you again, I’ll introduce myself to you, and you can introduce yourself to me, and maybe we can talk. 

Your new friend… maybe. 


Today’s elf picture comes to us from someone who would like to remain anonymous.  

 Honestly… Thank you for the eye candy. 😉

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