Presents, Presents, and more Presents. 

Last night was the last night of Hanukkah, and for the past two Sundays in a row, we spent time with family. We laughed, hugged, ate delicious food, and exchanged Hanukkah gifts. On Hanukkah, one gift is exchanged each night for eight nights, after we light the candles on the menorah and say a blessing. But when we have a family gathering, we exchange many gifts all at once. 

This is one concept that my son has not completely grasped yet. 

He was fascinated with lighting the candles last year, but almost learned the hard way when he tried to touch a flame. I didn’t mean to scare the buJesus out of him, but I’d rather remind him that fire is hot, then rush him to the ER because he was burned. Are you following me here? So anyway, this year, we focused on other aspects of Hanukkah, rather then lighting candles. I taught Willy how to play dreidel, and he learned the dreidel song fairly quickly. He also took the tiniest bite of a latkie last week. Trying new foods is huge for him!!!!!

But as we all know with little children, it’s mostly about the presents. So when we had our family gathering last weekend and this past weekend, Willy got some pretty great gifts. And if you ask him what his favorite present was, he’ll tell you, that “Blaze toys” was his absolute favorite! Blaze is a TV show on Nick Jr. 

We also celebrate Christmas in our household, so on Christmas morning he’s going to get even more presents. I’m finding it hard to keep an even balance, between spoiling him silly, and creating a monster. But at least we are teaching Willy where his roots are from, and traditions that I’d still like to keep alive; like playing dreidel, eating latkes, family gatherings, saying the blessing over the candles, etc. I know we’ll get there someday, but in the meantime, the look on his face when he opens up a present, and it’s something that he really wanted… because he was verbally able to tell us… it’s THAT feeling! That wonderful feeling that will never die with me! It will stay with me forever.  

 Rosemary P. sent this picture into me. I love that her elf made a slam dunk!!!!!!  

  Elena R. and Austin D. sent this one into me. At least he poops chocolate, and not the other number two. Lol. 
Thanks guys and keep the elf pictures coming!

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