… It’s fun to be silly!!

  These days I have to remind myself to be silly with my boy. I used to be silly all the time with him and it came naturally to me, but these past few months have been incredibly stressful.

What else is new, right?

My friend at work made Willy  this hat. She knits the most incredible creations, and when I showed the hat to Willy last night, he jumped up and down yelling “it’s Anger, it’s Anger!” He immediately wanted to try it on, and I told my friend that I would send her a picture. I sent her the above picture. We were making silly faces in the camera… and it felt good. 

NOTE TO SELF: take a few minutes every day to let my hair down, and be silly. Being serious all the time isn’t fun. Nobody wants to be with a “Serious Sally”every minute of every day. 

  A big thanks to Laurie for using the force. It’s AWESOME! 
  Louanne S.’s elf is worshiping the Patriot’s God Tom Brady with his best buddy Olaf? Would anyone else like a warm hug?

Have a great day everyone

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