Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes

Change. For some, it’s a life altering experience. It’s filled with wonder, excitement, and possibilities. And for others, it’s the devil. It’s filled with unexpected experiences, and the loss of control. 

For me, depending on the situation, change is good. I need change in my life, because the same old same old just becomes boring after a while. But other kinds of changes, like change in routine or change in schedule, throws me off and I forget things. Why? Because a wrench was thrown into my norm. Does that ever happened to you?

But when it comes to my son, change is definitely the devil. And I feel badly for him, because there’s not a lot I can do to alleviate his stress when it comes to certain things, because certain things are out of my or his control; like having a different bus driver this morning. There’s no way I could’ve predicted or prepared him for that, but alleviating his stress with extra hugs and kisses helps sometimes. 

But this week will be difficult for my little guy, no doubt. This week, his dog is away for a two week training, and no matter how many times he asks us where he is, he gets the same answer from us, “Everest is with his mommy, brothers, and sisters, learning new this and having fun” which is the honest to God truth, yet he doesn’t seem to believe us. And his home therapist is away on vacation for this week, so Jason will be picking him up from school every day this week, and not Susie. And that’s not gonna sit well with him after day two. So, not having his therapy dog with him and his home therapist, who he loves, will not sit well with him, and once he realizes that both constants  in his life are not there… It will get messy. 

You’re probably wondering what we’re doing to help him in this situation. Well, social stories have been written, read to him repeatedly, and his team at school are doing the same thing. At school they have a countdown chain, and at home we have another social story. We are covered, but that still doesn’t mean he won’t become upset. And all we can do is just be there for him; extra patients and all, and remind him that Everest will be coming back, and Susie will be coming back. 

… (Sigh). Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes. Thank you David Bowie for teaching us to “turn and face the strange.” You’ve taught us a lot and we thank you for that. Rest in peace.  

 A boy and his dog

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