Some Mommy Poetry

Hi there!

My name is Jill. 

It’s just Jill, and not “Jill the pill.”

I am a “pill” though, sometimes you know,

But it’s only because I have my struggles, though. 

“What struggles, what struggles?” You kindly ask. 

Give me a sec and I’ll tell you… so  just chillax!

I worry, I stress, I cry, and I ponder,

But it’s only because I care, and it makes me look yonder. 

With love, sacrifice, good intentions, and care,

I try to be a good mom, one who’s caring and fair. 

But sometimes I fall short of my duty, and I have my moments, it’s part of the beauty. 

But being a good mom is tough sometimes. 

It’s good, it’s rewarding, but it hardly ever rhymes!

So that’s why we need to support one another. 

We need to be there, listen, and never judge each other. 

Autism can be beautiful, eye opening, and wicked at times,

But our kids will be who they are meant to be, come rain or come shine. 

So love them. Just love them I say,

And reach out when you need help, because it’s the only way. 

I hope you enjoyed my first stab at poetry. 

It’s not glamorous or dazzling, but it’s full of honesty. 

Have a great day my friends and I’ll see you tomorrow as our week ends.

 I have some really great stuff for you next week, plus a project that I’ve been working on that’s really great! Ha!!! Rhyming is so much fun!!!  

 I love my little family 


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