Typical things DO happen, sometimes 

Here’s a story for you that’s not exactly funny, as it is “typical,” and sadly, it happened to my mother, as a lot of Willy’s breakthrough moments do. 

On Tuesday night, Willy had a sleepover at his Grandma and Grampy’s house. Willy has been having sleepovers there since he was an infant. He feels comfortable there, he has a toy area designated just for him, and my mom always has his favorite foods on hand, because when you’re picky eater… certain foods and snacks just won’t do. 

Anyway, my mom brought him back home yesterday just in time for me to arrive home from work, and his home therapist Susie to arrive and start her session. But right before Susie arrived, my boy did something that blew my mind! He did something so typical that I wanted to jump up-and-down and scream from the rooftops, but instead, I sent him to his room to sit in his naughty-chair, and then had to punish him.

But I’m getting head of myself. 

Yesterday, when my mom returned to my house with Willy in tow, she unlocked the front door, and immediately went to let the dog out of his crate, to take him outside so he could go to the bathroom. While she was outside with the dog, she heard a click. She went to investigate it, and realized that Willy had locked her out of the house. She knocked politely on the door and asked him to open it, but he refused and started kicking the door. 

I had given her the pass code to our garage door, so she had gotten in the house through the garage. When she walked into the playroom, she had seen what Willy had done. Willy had locked the back door and brought a little chair over to the door, so he can stand on it to put the chain up (a precautionary lock that is up high). When he saw her, he unlocked the back door and ran out with his socks on, giggling and laughing at her the entire time!

He thought he was hilarious! 

When I had walked through the door shortly after, and my mom told me what happened. I was not happy! I called Willy over to follow me into the playroom, where I saw the evidence plain and clear. The little red chair was still in place by the door. 

When I talk to Willy about serious things, I try to use as few words as possible, but the words that I do use, need to have importance to them so he can understand. 

I told Willy that what he had done was not funny! I told him that it was dangerous. I told him that he had scared Grandma and now shes sad. I told Willy that he’s not allowed to touch the locks on the door; that only mommies and daddies are allowed to touch the locks on doors. Not little boys!

I then sent into his room for timeout in his naughty-chair. He didn’t make a sound as we walked down the hall. He didn’t make a sound as he walked to his naughty-chair. He sat down in his chair and quietly cried to himself. He knew the severity of the situation, and was genuinely feeling bad about it! When he showed me that he was ready after a few minutes, I asked him to go apologize to Grandma… and he did. They had a quiet moment together as they snuggled on the couch, and an understanding of hurt feelings between the two of them.

The stunt that my son had pulled was something that a typical child would’ve done. They would’ve laughed and giggled the entire time, but would have eventually unlocked the door, and that would most likely be the end of it. My son didn’t know the difference. He thought that he was being funny, but didn’t know how to follow through with his game. 

I’m terrified this will happen again, but after losing his iPad as a punishment, and talking about it again when daddy got home last night, I’m feeling confident that the possibility of this happening again will be slim and nill… hopefully. 


                         My little practical joker

One thought on “Typical things DO happen, sometimes 

  1. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing! We are working on some issues round the classroom with my youngest & I keep saying over & over, short term pain=long term gain…. Over & over… I just wish I could have a time out! Lol

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