A “potty” tale

  Once upon a time, four years ago, there lived a little boy who loved to play with his toys and live in his own special world. This boy’s world was full of excitement! It was safe, predictable, loving, and guarded from all the evils of the land… except for one. 

The potty. 

This boy was three years old when the “evil potty” came into his life. The potty lived in the bathroom with a small basket of books and toys next to it. It had all the wonders a boy could want! 

The boy showed some interest at first. He would sit on it, look at it, play next to it, and even talk to it from time to time. But the boy would not use it the way it should be used. So the boy’s mommy and daddy showed him how, but sadly, the boy was not interested. 

One year went by.

The boy was still not interested. So the boy’s mommy and daddy had an exciting adventure with the potty. Prizes and stickers were awarded for just sitting on the potty, and an even bigger prize for actually using it! A magic sticker chart was made, but the boy was still not interested. 

Another year went by. 

The boy grew bigger and the potty started to grow “smaller.” The boy became too big for the little potty, and his mommy and daddy grew concerned. They just didn’t know what to do, so they asked the “good fairy” what she would do? The good fairy simply replied, “maybe he’s not ready. Maybe he’s pulling back, because you want to push him forward.”

This made sense to the boy’s mommy and daddy. So they stopped pushing. They waited another year.

The boy turned six years old. 

The boy’s mommy and daddy were desperate. The boy’s mommy couldn’t bear going another year in magical pull-up’s, so she sought out a very wise and very smart group of mysterious wizards, who made it their top priority to get the boy into underpants and onto the potty. 

The group of wizards worked tirelessly around the clock and came up with different ideas on how to potty train the boy. Until one day, the boy watched one of his most favorite shows on TV, where a little boy was having trouble going potty. The boy thought and thought about what he had seen, and then decided to try it  himself. And he liked it!!!

Hooray, hooray!!!!!

The horns sounded and the confetti fell. The boy’s mommy and daddy were so proud of the him, that they celebrated the boy’s triumph with a trip to the toy store. The boy picked out a toy that suited him best, and got an ice cream cone just for extra measure.

Hooray, hooray!!!!!

The boy turned seven years old shortly after he started wearing the enchanted underpants. It was the boys’ mommy’s birthday wish for him, that he would wear underpants like a big boy, and never look back again. And he did! The boy realized that the potty was not an evil creature, but his friend! The potty can be a relaxing and private place to be a big boy, and think about all of the things that boys think about when their seven years old. 

The boy’s mommy thanked the wise wizards for all of their help and hard work, but it was really the boy that did all of the hard work. The boy grew up that day, and he moved onto bigger and better things to tackle. Things that seven-year-old boy’s do…  in magical underwear. 

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