Autism:1  Jill:0

You know what? Sometimes I just want to take my autism out to the back shed and beat the SHIT out of it! 

It’s not fair!

It’s it’s a power struggle. 

It generalizes. 

Its a rigid SOB!

It’s a dance like the Cha Cha, but nobody’s having any fun. It’s two steps forward and two steps back… screw it! It’s like five steps forward and eleven steps back! 

It’s not cute at all. It’s sad and it’s angry. And for what?! Finding an innocent child to lay pray to and screwing with his parents heartstrings? 

In our home, you never know what your going to get at any given moment. Everything can be like rainbows and butterflies one moment, and then with one simple directive, like… oh, I dunno, “let’s clean up” can send your child into absolute hysteria! Kicking, biting, and thrashing his body around like he was just electrocuted! All because of three simple words. 

We haven’t had a bad day in a while, but when we do, it’s bad. 

When Willy feels bad, his remorse is genuine. You can’t teach that. 

There are “I’m sorry’s” and snuggles 

We all cool down and deep breaths. 

We remind ourselves of the progress that has been made and how how things “used to be.” 

We start to smile and laugh again. We pick up where we left off and we begin again… 

“Let’s clean up.”

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