I want, I want , I want!

The other day when I came home from work, my son comes running over to me and says, “Mommy? I want a saxophone, a clarinet, and a flute…. PLEEEEEEASE?” All the while, his hands are clasped together tightly to his chin and batting his “Bambi”-like eyelashes at me. I am such a sucker for “Bambi eyes!”

He does this all the time to me. He uses  his gorgeous, brown, long lashed “Bambi eyes” at me, when he’s trying to get his way, but now, that ship has sailed! And I mean it this time. 

So I shot back with, “well, I want a million dollars, a smaller tush, and a pony!” 

I was not in the mood for the spoiled brat act of his, especially since I just walked in the door, so I continued with my, “I just walked in the door routine” and waited for him to greet me appropriately. 

A few minutes later, he came over to me and apologized. I truly appreciated his apology, because I knew it was sincere. But it definitely gave me some food for thought, when it comes to giftgiving/surprising him with presents every now and then when he’s been good. My husband and I try very hard to be good role models for our son, but sometimes I feel like we both fall short. So in the meantime, every single time that I am bombarded the second I walk in the door with “I want, I want, I want,” I’m going to model good “Hi honey, how was your day?” conversation for him . And I will also try to avoid his “Bambi-eyes” at all cost… because I am a total sucker for his “Bambi-eyes.”

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