Meanest mom in the world!

Step right up ladies and gentlemen, and feast your eyes on one of the worlds oldest and most important oddities ever created! She’s lean! She’s mean! And she means business! She is… “THE MEANEST MOM IN THE WORLD!” 

That’s right! She makes her son clean up his play room! But that’s not all ladies and gents, oh no! She actually makes her son go to the bathroom every morning before he gets on the school bus! 👹 I know. It’s  shocking, right? This “fake” smile appeared just before a major melt down! How dare I catch it on camera?!

This “mean mom” ladies and gentlemen, makes her son drink all of his milk before he can have a juice box! She also makes sure he brushes his teeth, puts his underwear on right side out, uses good manners, AND… she genuinely cares about him, each and every day of his life! Even when he acts like the devil!

Yessiree ladies and gentlemen, this mom has no boundaries! She even takes her son to the doctors for regularly scheduled check ups! This is one oddity that cannot be ignored! So ladies, step right up! Show off your devilish smiles and good intentions, and let those freak flags fly! 


Because we are one of the worlds greatest oddities in the world! 

On a sidenote, I pride myself at all of the above… even when my son thinks that I’m pure evil, and that’s why I drew all over my face, but what can I say? I’m a mom. I keep his best interests at heart. Even when I have to make him put on his shoes so we can go out, and do something that he wanted to do!

Because I’m the world’s meanest mom!

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