Happ Halloween two days late!

 I know this is two days late, and I apologize for that, but HAPPY Halloween!

For my son, October/Halloween is usually a time of year for him to catch a bug that’s been going around his classroom. And even though he’s only been on this earth for seven short years, this is only his third or fourth time trick-or-treating, mainly due to illness. 

And even though my son despises anything that’s sugary and sweet, he loves to dress up, ring a doorbell, and script Charlie Brown’s “Great Pumpkin”over and over again to the people of our neighborhood, just for sport.

But this year, something new happened. As we were walking down a side street of our neighborhood, I was holding a flashlight, and my little Astronaut was holding the other. He saw some older kids approaching in some pretty scary costumes, and instead of getting scared, he approach them and ask them sweetly, “what is your costume?” And before they could answer, he started scripting from a Dora episode. One of the boys tried to answer, but the other boy kept walking. Willy didn’t seem to notice or care really, but I did. The boy that tried to talk to him told him that he was a clown, and the other boy was still far up ahead. He could hear his friend calling his name, but still he took the time to answer my boy… and I appreciated that. I even went as far as to give him some of the candy from Willy’s trick-or-treat bag as a thank you, but he refused, smiled, and ran to catch up with his friend. 

Willy is nowhere near the element of noticing other peoples reactions towards him and his scripting, due to his autism. I look at it as either a blessing or a curse, because I’m terrified that he could be bullied because of this one day. And I’m even more afraid of Willy not being able to defend himself with either words or an adult present. He’s only seven years and, the kids can be cruel. Kids can be so so cool. 

But on upside, he has his faithful dog by his side most of the time, which will definitely help with social interactions, and possibly sticky situations. Everest gets very upset when  the bus driver takes Willy away every morning, because he doesn’t understand that he’ll be back every afternoon. So of course, I had to incorporate Everest in the Halloween scheme of things this year, because he and his boy are so close. 

Willy so badly wanted to be an astronaut this year, and since I couldn’t find a rocket costume for the dog, I thought R2-D2 was good enough. They had so much fun together this year,  and Everest definitely kept him on track. So, even though my “happy Halloween” to all of you is two days late, I guess better late than never it’s a good thing not a negative. I hope your kids had a great Halloween as well, and they’re finally coming down off of their sugar high. You too for that matter! 

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