A funny thing happened on the way home from…

I have the best story for you today.

On Saturdays, my son goes to an all day social group, and I have to tell you… it’s fantastic! There, they tackle play skills, social skills, social interactions, food acceptance, community outings, play schemas, art projects, watching a movie as a group, and so much more. My boy is in such a good mood after we pick him up, and last Saturday was no different.

Usually it’s my husband that picks him up from group, but this time it was me. As we were driving home, I was asking him questions about his day. One of the things that he’s been working on with his home therapist, is volleying a sentence. Here’s how it works: I ask him a question, he replies, I ask him another question based on his reply, and he answers me with another reply, and then I end it with a closing remark. Right now, he can volley a conversation 4 to 5 times, but if he’s really excited about something, he can go further. But usually he’s done after the fourth volley. 

After we finished our conversation, I asked him if he wanted to listen to music on the radio. Usually, I get the same answer every time, which is a harsh “NO MOMMY!” But this time, he said  “yes.” Shocked, I turned on the radio to a top 40’s mix station. I didn’t know the song, but Willy sure did! From the backseat, I heard him suck in air with an excited “huuuuuuuuh” sound, and then, he started singing along! I literally turned around while we were stopped at a red light, because I couldn’t believe that this was my kid singing with the radio. For a split second, I almost thought that I picked up the wrong kid at group! 

On any given day, my kid hates the radio!

My kid hates it even more when I sing along with the music!!

So when the car started moving again, I asked him where he had heard this song, and he said with ease and excitement, “ON MR. M’s BUS!!!” 

Mr. M is Willy’s school bus driver, and he is without a doubt, the greatest guy to ever come into contact with my son! If you have a child that rides a van or a bus that isn’t yellow to school everyday, than I’m sure you’ve had your share of horrible drivers and bus monitors in your time, but our Mr. M, ROCKS! My son is actually excited to see him every morning and every afternoon. They give each other hugs, high-fives, and fist bumps, and apparently, they listen to cool music as well, because for the first time ever… my son was singing to whatever song that was playing on the radio! He clearly knew all the words, and was even telling me to sing with him! 

Who is this kid!! 

When the song ended, I was curious to see what he would do next, but as the current song faded out, and the next song began, Willy clearly was uninterested and asked for his iPad. 

Oh well. 

Living in that moment, however brief it was of typical kid-dom, I was reminded of how far he’s come in the past 20 months. My child has shown me new sides of him that I never knew were there, and every once in a while he lets me into his world a little more. And with every fiber of my being, I show him the respect that he so richly deserves, and the understanding of my unconditional love for him. 

Happy Monday my friends. Let’s have a great week together, and don’t forget to vote tomorrow. Snapchat is hilarious!

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