Empathy and action 

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like my weekends get away for me. So yesterday, I decided to seize the moment and take my son to the movies. He’s been asking to see “Trolls” for a few weeks now, and I was so excited to finally have the time to take it. 

Every time we go to the movies, I make sure that I’m armed with plenty of snacks and juice boxes, his weighted blanket, and a toy for each hand.  And once his seat is adjusted to his liking, he is usually all set to watch the previews and get excited about what’s coming next to the theater.

If you’ve already seen the movie Trolls, then you already know the plot, but if you haven’t, it’s pretty awesome. And a few times I found myself laughing harder than my child at one point. But what happen next, I did not expect. During the climax of the movie, it gets really sad. I thought I saw him sneak under his blanket a few times, and then peek out over the top, most likely to hide his feelings. 

But not me. 


My eyes started welling up, and out of nowhere, my son snuggles up next to me and says, “i’m sad too, mommy!”

And there you have it.

The tears started falling and I couldn’t make them stop. My son has always been great with showing empathy, but he’s never mixed empathy with action before… and meant it! I gave him another hug and kiss, composed myself, and enjoyed the rest of the movie! I couldn’t wait to tell my husband what had happened once we got home, because it’s just a matter of fact that ABA and time is working with him and not against him. He’s growing up so fast and this is one moment that I’m definitely going to saver for a very long time. And probably milk it for all it’s worth for as long as I can. 

Happy Monday everyone, and here are this weekend’s and today’s Elf pictures. Remember friends, this contest goes on my phone and there is a prize for the best of the picture, so keep them coming.last years winner, Jessie L. started her season with a major touchdown! Go Pats!

Becky G. Made me laugh so hard! Miley Cyrus should be jealous! Her elf came in like a wrecking ball!! And took then took a bubble bath after. 

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